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Puppy Care: Helpful Habits for First-Time Pet Owners in Shrewsbury

Owning your first puppy is undoubtedly an exciting time that you've been looking forward to for quite some time. However, being a responsible pet owner isn't going to be accessible all the time. You need to prepare yourself and learn some helpful habits for first-time pet owners in Shrewsbury. Educate yourself on what to do, be prepared, and enjoy your life with your animal companion!


Make Your Home Safe

The first thing you should do before even getting your new puppy is to make your entire home safe for them to live in. Many first-time pet owners in Shrewsbury often overlook this crucial factor and almost always regret it afterward. For example, you may have gotten away with leaving things on the floor in the past, but now you need to consider what you leave on the ground that is accessible to your puppy. Puppy-proofing the house includes removing harmful substances and materials from the floor and protecting them from any falls or collisions!

Puppy Supplies

One very helpful habit for first-time pet owners in Shrewsbury is to remember to stock up on pet supplies regularly. You can't expect to just buy a bag of puppy food and have everything be alright. Your new puppy will have many needs throughout its life that you need to continue providing. Get into the habit of regularly investing in pet supplies to keep them alive, entertained, and have an excellent quality of life. Some puppy essentials include a bed, cleaning supplies, toys, clothes, etc. Many pet owners love this part so just enjoy it and have fun interacting with your pet!


Vet Visits

As this is your first time owning a pet, veterinarian visits may be new to you. First of all, you absolutely need to get into the habit of going to the vet regularly. Luckily, as your puppy is growing, the vet will require you to come in frequently for vaccinations. You should use this period to get used to the experience. For a long and healthy life, regular checkups, wellness exams, vaccinations, and other procedures will be necessary for your dog. 



We Can Help You Raise Your Puppy

Woof Pet Resort offers a wide range of excellent services to pets in the Shrewsbury area. We have over 7 years of experience caring for the animals in our community. Our indoor facility was raised to provide only quality care to all animals that enter our doors. Give us a call, and let us help you raise your puppy!


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