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Holiday Pet Safety: What You Need to Know

Looking to have a fun holiday season with your pets? Before you start thinking about all the fun you're going to have this holiday, you must prepare to protect your pet from the hazards it brings. In this article, you'll learn about what you need to know about holiday pet safety. The information here has helped keep pets safe throughout the holidays for years.


Table Scraps Can Be Dangerous 

What you feed your pet throughout the holidays should be the same things they eat the rest of the year. Just because you’re feeling festive doesn’t mean you should be feeding your pet human meals. 

Many holiday delicacies are dangerous for animals to consume. Chocolate and caffeine are toxic for pets and are found in many holiday desserts. Cooked bones are also dangerous because they can shatter and cause internal bleeding. Stick to food made for animals and consider buying something more premium for them if you want to give them a holiday treat.


More Guests, More Danger

If you plan to invite your friends and family over to your house during the holidays, you must prepare for the potential dangers they bring. More people suddenly entering your home can stress out your pet. Furthermore, they are also likely to bring things with them, such as medication, food, and alcohol which can be toxic for animals. Prepare a safe space your pet can stay or go to in case they get overwhelmed.


Danger in the Decorations

Decorations are often an underestimated danger during the holiday season. They’re fun, small, and hung around the house. Most people don’t understand the threat they pose to pets because they don’t look dangerous. However, certain decorations can be pretty hazardous for your pets to be around. 

Tinsel, for instance, is something pets love to play with. If your pet ingests tinsel, it can get tangled up in its stomach, causing serious damage. Other common holiday decors you need to look out for are small ornaments which pets can easily choke on and Christmas lights which can electrocute them. Be mindful about where you hang your decorations this year, and try to keep them away from your pets.


The Safest Place For Your Pets at Woof Pet Resort

Woof Pet Resort offers a wide range of pet services for animals in the area. Our facility caters to a multitude of needs, such as daycare, grooming, and boarding. Since 2015, we have been providing expert care to countless pets. Need a safe & fun place for your pet to stay during the holidays? Book your pet's boarding appointment now, before we book up.


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